Hi all,

I currently have an SD Invader in the bridge of my Ibanez RG350 and happen to quite like it, but my neck pickup (Entwistle HDN) really doesn't work that well with it and becomes really muddy at any tuning below Drop D. So I was wondering which pickup would work well with the SD, my situation is:

-I have a budget of about £80
-It needs to be passive
-It needs to be good for metal, particularly heavy metal

I've been playing about 10 months and there aren't any music shops local for me to try things out, any experience/advice would be much appreciated. I know the obvious solution would be to get another Invader but I was just wondering if there was any others I could use?

Btw this is my first thread, so I hope it's in the right place lol
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Get another Invader for the neck position.

I've never heard anything good about the Invader's Neck PU. It's a really hot bridge pickup, but you need something for the neck that's not as cutting. Try out the SH-5 (Though its not usually a neck) or the '59 if you like Seymour Duncans.
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Prepare for this thread to be closed. I posted a similar thread asking about putting emgs 81/85 in an Ibanez RG4EXQM1. May I recommend a EMG OC1 SRO Open-Coil Humbucker pickup. It is passive. Under $80.00, and is good for metal. Either on the neck or bridge position.
^ Like I said, but unfortunately. You can post in that thread and not get an answer to your question for days...some people are looking for advice that they need a.s.a.p. Where as creating a thread like said thread we are in. You can get a quick response.