Hi. My uncle recently died of cancer so his music shop was liquidated. As the only guitar playing member of my family he gave me all his excess stock. As i already have a Marshall Stack i have no need for this Peavey Valveking 112 which is an ex display model. It is in mint condition and works perfectly. There is no box or instructions with it so for that reason i am selling for £290. (RRP is £470) It's extremely heavy so i'd prefer collection but i can get a quote for postage if anyone is interested. PM me and i can get you a link to the pictures, i don't know how to post them on here. Cheers.
Scrap that - you don't have to collect. Postage is £8.99 and i will send it to you for free if you want it.
Is it a head or a combo? I'm very interested either way! Where abouts you located?
not interested in this tbh but may i as what other excess stock you may have for sale?
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It's a combo and i will send it for free - it would be cheaper for everyone concerned as the postage is only £9 and i didn't pay anything for the amp anyway. All the other excess stock has gone, apart from a second hand, mint condition Roland XP-50 Workstation Synthesizer which i want £250 for.
If I can find someone to buy my Blackstar for £300 I am so getting on this.