I am not sure if this thread belongs in this section, but if it doesn't and a mod bans it. At least let me know where I can post this thread.

Alright, to all UG members. Here is something to think about/discuss. I am curious to know what everyone things about being able to play electric guitar with missing limbs, If they think it is possible or impossible. Should it really phase a person who has a strong desire to become good at playing guitar? Anything about disadvantages/advantages. Just to add this in. I am missing the very tips of my index and middle finger on my left hand, I can still play guitar well. Some things are difficult for me to pull off. Due to scar tissue in my hand. I can't play really fast. Yet. I am working on it and I intend to keep practicing and working at it no matter what. Anyways comment on what you think. Thanks.