Well, I have been collecting CDs off eBay lately, and as my luck would have it, I bought one of those CDs that Sony put that copy protection thing on it which caused peoples computers to screw and they inserted them like trojans. Does anybody remember that? they did it with Velvet Revolver Contraband first, apparantly.

I think I may have somehow gotten lucky, but of course it's still going around in my head a little bit. I read a report on occasional CDs skipping tracks after the computer installs this software without even asking you, so as I was a bit worried about it, I played loads of my CDs last night. All were fine until the last one... which made me panic again. But then again, these CDs are what one of my brothers friends gave my brother when he was in to the same kind of music as me, so he recently let me have them.

So this is the scenario now -

I am a bit worried it may have caused some harm, if it I, once again, just luck out after putting a bad CD in? the CD kind of looks like this:

Ignore that big black line in the middle... don't know what that is supposed to be.


See that curvy scratch near the top? this CD has one of those sort of things on it. There are many scratches on this disc, but there is one that can be seen in every light, even though when you touch it, you can't feel the scratch at all.

Do you have to be able to feel the scratches for them to be deep enough to skip?

I am going to listen to more CDs today to try and see if it was that CD. If it is, what a relief... if not, that's just rubbish.

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Lastly, screw you, Sony.

EDIT: the scratched CD and the one with the Sony copy thing are two different CDs. It's just I played this scratched CD last and it started skipping, making me think it did something bad.
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? I did try it, lol

Then what are you asking exactly?
I can't follow op.

if it's scratched and skips try an alcohol based cd cleaner. otherwise... buy a new one.

the Sony drm.. Google it.

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What is this, I don't even.
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Dish soap.

Use it.

Put a little on, and ****ing wash the scratches. I've watched it work with DVDs. It may not fix it entirely but it does help.
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LOL after re-reading my OP... wow, that is confusing. I will try to make it more clear

Basically, right:

Recently I have been collecting albums and singles and whatnot on eBay. Then yesterday I was unlucky and put in an album which the Sony music protection thing was apart of (remember reading about it? it was inserted like a trojan to try and stop people from copying the CDs to iTunes or whatever).

So I didn't know about that until after I put the disc in, after I did some research. Obviously, I was annoyed and a bit worried about it possibly causing some sort of harm to my stuff. After doing some research, I read a forum post about some guy had problems with some CDs skipping and stuff after inserting this Sony BMG CD because it auto-installs something without your permission. Basically, it caused some problems...

So I was worried some of my CDs may have started to skip too. I tried many CDs last night, but the last one I tried started to do it. But then I tried some more today and they're fine.

So I was trying to eliminate a problem if there was one, and I thought the CD skipping was Sony's fault, but it may have just been that one CD... does that make sense?

And the purpose of this thread then was "how bad does a CD have to be scratched for it to skip" basically XD
This will start a RIOT! in me
you could try playing the cd on a cd player or another computer instead of what you believe to be the infected computer? am i following this correctly?
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And the purpose of this thread then was "how bad does a CD have to be scratched for it to skip" basically XD

It just depends on where it's scratched, one scratch in a certain area could be worse than 50 scratches.
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I will not buy this record, it is scratched.
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