Theres this one song on Youtube that I want to learn by ear since theres no tabs for it. Ive tried slowing it down on audacity but it gets too distorted. The solo on the song is awesome and i I want to learn it so bad. Can anyone maybe help me tab it :/

Here is the link for the song

I know the guitar playing is sloppy but I think this guy has a new unique guitar playing style that is awesome. If someone could tab the solo for me I would greatly appreciate it

I think his style is a mixture of Jimmy Page and Kurt Cobain
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i know this may seem ridiculous but this guys my friend and I promised him i would do a cover of his song and i want to nail the solo down accurately. It sounds little out of key but have you ever heard Jimmy page live? He is not perfect either. I got the riff down but i just need the solo
First off, this guys NO Jimmy Page, and the analogy is an insult to us all. Might as well call Hendrix a hack and SRV a two bit junkie....well that one might be true

Secondly, if hes your friend, why dont you ask him to tab it out or show you how to play it.
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SRV a two bit junkie....well that one might be true

SRV was sober when he died...
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