Is it bad to play music through a guitar amp at a really high volume? My genious dad decided to use two 3.5mm converters on an aux cable and plugged his phone in and now it seems like the amp doesnt sound as good as it used to. However, it was gradually turned up and not all at once, but when songs changed i guess it couldve blown something.
Well, I imagine the reason most amps have "CD" (composite) inputs is because they actually can handle playing music. I've blared my Ipod or laptop through my amp at near max volume plenty of times. Had no issues.
This amp doesnt have a CD input because its a half-stack, but what your saying makes sense.
A lot of amps and cabs are very similar to stereo systems in the sense that they can handle the frequencies and not be damaged by them.

If your amp doesn't have a CD input though, if you go to use a drive channel on your amp, then it'll distort the song, too, so it's probably best for your ears to use either a separate stereo system because it's not pleasant to listen to :p
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This amp doesnt have a CD input because its a half-stack, but what your saying makes sense.

My halfstack has a CD input. Haha. But, listen to that other guy. Maybe it's not a great idea if your amp doesn't actually have an input meant for that.
A guitar amp speaker generally has a frequency response from 80-6000hz.

Go figure. CD quality wavs frequency range is 20-22khz. Mp3s are much less. But still outside of what a guitar speaker will handle.

You've been blasting frequencies the speaker cant handle without the correct input to match inpedance and load it down.

So speaker damage is possible, high frequencies will wear out a speaker much faster than lower ones because the cone has to vibrate faster to keep up, generating more heat and potentially melting the coil.
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