This isnt so much a musician ad, but I really wanted to post this and felt this would be the most appropriate place. If there's another place for this post, I apologize, let me know where to put it.

I was looking around the net last night, and I found something called 'downtownartists', an artist developement agency in Soho, London. Their website reads:

"Downtown Artists provide new unsigned artists of all genres the chance to make their first big step as professional musicians. We believe there’s an enormous amount of talent out there, and once we see it in front of us, we do our best to capture it on quality recording and introduce it to what could be its audience, and of course to the music industry."

I contacted them, they sent me a form, I'm just about to send it back. It turns out the auditions are on this coming Saturday and Sunday.

I felt inclined to post this, since it seems like there's finally a place for all young musicians to actually see where they're at, get some feedback, and in an ideal situation, get noticed.

I'm going to head down there, I figured it would be cruel to not at least put this up, in case anyone living in London is looking for a step forward.

The website link: http://downtownartists.co.uk/about/

The contact page: http://downtownartists.co.uk/contact/

I hope this is helpful to someone. I know I've been dying for this sort of opportunity.

Remember, you've got to be able to get down there on either Saturday or Sunday, there's not much time to rehearse but F*** it, I wanna get my music heard.

Not sure if you're just bullshitting to advertise for them, but in case you're not let me know how you get on as it sounds interesting.
There's riddles in the shadows
They're thrown the way that i'd expect
And people never seem to know
What they least suspect is coming next
well i auditioned today, genuinely not bullshitting, i only just realised it must have come across that way.

went pretty well, i mean the guy who i auditioned in front of is apparently gonna speak to the main manager/agent on monday, and see if they can do something with my style.

it's a shame rock/blues is so scary to these execs, they know how easy it is to sell rnb pop or even dance music, and when it comes to rock, they hesitate.

it's a truly accessible place though, in the heart of london, so if i dont get through for a second audition with the main producer, then oh well. still loved the fact that i had a place to perform.