So i ordered a push pull coil tap button not so long ago, to split my humbuckers. Later i figured out that it would be easyer to just use a 5-way switch. Is there anything else you can use a push/pull knob to other than coil splitting? Like boost, tone control, killswitsch etc...? May sound like a dumb question, but i have little knowledge in guitar electronics/wiering etc...
-Series/Parallel switch for one pickup. That will let you get single-coilish tones, while still cancelling hum (it sounds like the 2 and 4 positions on a Strat)

-Blower switch/bypass switch. Depending on if you have coil splits (which you said you do!) you can either bypass the switch and pots, just giving you the bridge pickup straight to the output jack, or bypass the pots, giving you which ever pickup you have straight to the output jack.
If you have coil splits, you can't use a standard push/pull to bypass the switch, but you can bypass the pots. This will give you a little more output, and make the signal slightly brighter, it can be useful for a solo boost.