i know drums should be better i'd appreciate your help on this part
i posted a previous version of this song before about 2 years ago i think...but now as i consider myself more matured musically, i evolved it a lot, and i can use some more critics, C4C of course
and i 'm not sure what genre it is, maybe "symphonic atmospheric black accordionic super cool 'out of the box'ic metal" or maybe not

Edit: based on Wquennasar crit i changed the transition to verse 1 and the transition from chorus to piano interlude, and i named the 3rd solo correctly (solo3)
and i really like the accordion voice, i think ill keep it for now ...but ill probably remove it when recording

Edit: Changed the solo a bit at the end
Bmin Arpege1.9.gp5
Bmin Arpege1.9.gp4
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That was very good. The intro and piano interludes were incredible. The extension was a really nice way to finish off the song as well. Well done
Not sure Accordion is a good vocals substitute, it sounds really cartoony.. unless that's what your vocalist really sounds like, in which case, fire him/her =P

Good intro. Solo1 works well, but the transition into Verse1 should be stronger.

Chorus into Piano was a bit iffy, might work on the transition. Piano Interlude was good though.

Piano Interlude 2 was good as well.

Solo 2 started off well, but kinda died off towards the end.

Outro is really good. I assume the part after is Solo3 and not 2 =P

I like the Extension part, I imagine it would be its own song in an album called 'The Dark Interlude from Hell' or something equally krieg

Overall it needs work, but it's already pretty good, just needs some trimming/maintenance/tidying-up.
All is ghost in memory and poison in the sun
This was really cool to listen to! The solos were great, and it was quite a well thought out piece. Although I agree with the accordion remark made, it made the piece sound a little more silly than it was probably meant to be! Haha, but that aside it was a great piece, and the interludes gave nice breaks to the song. I must also compliment you on your transitions, well done.

I like the extension part too, but I feel it could have a little something, but perhaps once recorded the mixing will provide with enough to fill up the headroom midi isn't giving me?

Also, the solo just before it kind of dies near the end, and I don't much like the note/chord matching leading up to it. Some harmony notes and a few bends here and there during those chords even would be better
I think this song is really good. All the transitions were nice and the song flows well. The highlights would be the piano interludes (they sound really cool). To me the song is like combination of Symphony X, early King Crimson and in some points Psychotic Waltz.

I must say I had really hard to think this to be metal, because it really wasn't that heavy (at least in midi). It's really good composition nevertheless.
Sounds cool dude, loved the piano interlude, and the extension at the end was a good way to end it