I'm looking for some advice on tremolo picking,
Its almost like im inconsistent with it and I just dont know what im doing wrong,
My arm shakes terribly like ive trapped a nerve or something when I try to go faster.
I also find it easier on the top string (Thick E) than on the other strings.
Any advice is appreciated, ive tryed slowing it down and all sorts but I just cant get tremolo down, ive got sweep picking, string skipping all sorts of other hard techniques but this one I just cant seem to get :-S.
Well the best thing is the angle that you hold the pick, there are videos on YouTube that explain that. The arm shaking is normal at first when you are going faster, but as you practice your muscles will develop and you will avoid that. So, just keep practicing. As for the other strings you just have to try 'em. It might feel weird at first, but you'll get to it. Good luck!
Concentrate on using as little energy as possilbe at highest speed, and make sure it's consistent duration on the notes.
Start off slow, and try to use only your fingers and hand to make the pick strike the strings, and DONT use your whole arm (you get tired).
Most important of all (to me at least), make sure it doesn't sound sloppy, and don't push yourself too hard.
Here are some tips that might help. What kind of pick are you using? The thicker the pick, the easier time you will have achieving a higher maximum speed. Also, don't hold the pick with the death grip either. This will make you want to tense up and will just wear you out. It should be held with a little bit of give (imo). I hold it between my thumb and side of the index, but some friends of mine have good technique by holding it between the thumb and middle finger (the latter just feels awkward to me). Also holding the pick at about 45 degrees or a little less to the string will help.

An exercise I used to do to get this type of picking up to speed was that I would go through either a typical 3nps major scale or a 4nps chromatic one and tremolo pick each note for about 3 seconds as I ascend. I would pay attention to see if the notes are consistent and if I'm able to sustain this consistency for the duration of the note. If this was the case I would keep going. Try to imaging the source of your picking from say your wrist as opposed to your elbow or shoulder. Hope this helps!

--Steve D
(Works for all, mainly higher strings) Move your pick (and hand, obviously) closer to the bridge. This will create more tension, making it so your pick wont get caught in the strings.
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