So we played our first gig a few nights ago, and it was overwhelmingly successful and have gotten 2 more offers for gigs since. We're still playing free but its a start.

So I've been on the prowl for us to get as much exposure as possible, and we're all pretty serious on the whole band thing. So I found a gig a little over an hour away from us that would be perfect to get our name outside of our little community.

Problem is, I live in a very small town and as of now we have a very small fanbase because of this. Most of the fans wouldn't bother traveling an hour to see us when they know we're playing in town in a few weeks.

My question is, despite the lack of a fanbase to bring with us, would it be worth it to travel out and try get the attention of a whole new crowd? I personally don't see how we could lose here, but I wanted more opinions on the matter.
On one hand, you get more experience playing on stage.

On the other hand, you haven't established much of a local fanbase. It wouldn't be very wise to play somewhere an hour away unless you're planning on playing there often and catering to any fans you may get there.

I'd say do whatever feels right. Whatever you want to do.
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