I wrote these lyrics in May in about 30 minutes, so tell me what y'all think

I can’t be dead, I’m not!
My brain it starts to break down
As my heart begins to stop
But I can still see what’s going on
I can see your faces
But I can see mine too
My body it just lays there in the night
No Life is left inside
My soul is not intact
They’ve left that shell just sitting there
Rotting in the ground
I can see the visitors standing at my grave
I tell them not to worry
I tell them I’m okay
But they cannot hear me ‘cause they are still alive
Company is what I need
But where all do they hide
Am I the only dead one still alive?
No I mustn’t be
There must be more of my kind
I am nothing special compared to you
I am an average man with nothing left to do
Just run around the earth looking for you
The bible never said I’d still be here
It said I’d be in heaven
For never ending years
If I was bad I’d go to hell
To suffer eternally
But why am I in neither?
I’d even chose the worst
Just get me out of this lonesome world
Where I am all alone
Let me go somewhere to call home
If that means hell I’ll take that too
It’s better then what’s here
I raise my hands up in the air
And I scream up to God
“Why have you left my soul here to rot?”
But no answer I get
Just some silence in the night
I wish I had a heart
So I could stab it with a knife
I’d kill myself, or whatever's left of me
Alas I am trapped here forever
I’m just a ghost
Nothing more than that
I may as well accept it
Since there’s no way I’m going back
Although I’d love some company
I hope this doesn’t happen to you
I hope your soul stays in your body and rots
That way you won’t have to wonder what it’s like
Now please don’t cry for me
I hope you’ll be alright
If you try to find me you will certainly
Because I have become the darkness in the night