i've had to leave my amp at home while i study, so ive been getting into a lot of digital guitar amp modelling/processing programs.

im trying to achieve the nicest sound i can (using a guitar rig i/o and an ath-ad900) for mainly a satriani like sound. im currently using just guitar rig 4, which was great when i output it too my amp (jcm-900) and subsequently my headphones. but now i'm with out an amp, i find it some what flat (kind of inaccurate).

are there any other programs that would be good to look at? does anyone have a certain work flow of programs that they would recommend?

many thanks!
err i assume you had eq'd your amp differently from the vanilla output from the computer, so that might be something to look at too
Are you using cab impulses? Or just the stock cabinets from guitar rig 4. I've found that getting a cap impulse plugin like Lepou Lecab and some basic impulse sets can really liven up tone a LOT.
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i found something that seemed to help A LOT:

basically im running their jcm-900 simulation through minihost then through to guitar rig. it genuinely sounds very accurate to my jcm-900 head. and ive been messing about with lepou lecab, which is a load of fun. thanks for the help guys!
Peavey Revalver is pretty neat. It pretty much uses a virtual amp setup that allows you to modify things, like tubes and whatnot, that(in theory) changes the sound the same way it would in the real amp, and it allows you to create your own amp this way. I messed with it a bit, but it was through my computer speakers, and it didn't sound too good, but I've seen some pretty impressive videos on youtube. I've seen impressive stuff from Amplitube as well.
Revalver is definitely worth checking, has the most realistic amp sims I've heard. Blows POD Farm away completely.
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Blows POD Farm away completely.

well thats not really a tall order.