I arranged these chords to fit the sound still looking for a strumming pattern that works and I've tried many. Anyways here's what I wrote.

Song: The Hell With You
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) or 1 full step down sounds fine too (DGCFAd)

Verse 1

I sold my soul to the devil and now...(dmin)
I'll never be free...(G)
I think i'm a changed man but there's...(Dmin)
Something wrong with me...(G)
I'm Always down I'm never up...(Amin-c)
Times get hard and I've had enough...(Amin-C)
this whiskey's got me thinking....(G)
this guitar's all I'll ever need...(G)

pre chorus

bust my ass just to earn a buck...(C-F)
I haven't changed...(C)
but I've had enough...(F)
whiskey's got me thinking...(G)
This is all I'll ever be..(G)


A dirty shot glass and a dusty old road...(C-F)
always down and I'm always broke...(C-F)
This Whiskey's got me thinking...(G)
This is all I'll ever be...(G)

verse 2
(G)2 measures

I put it up for sale and he bought it all...(Dmin-G)
Thought it was mine, he owned it all...(Dmin-G)
This whiskey's got me thinking...(Amin)
there's been no change with me...(Amin)
I'm always down and I'm never up..(Dmin-G)
Times get hard and I've had enough..(Dmin-G)
Whiskeys got me thinking...(amin)
this bottle is all I'll ever need..(Dmin)

Solo(Dmin-Amin plays over)
But heres to you and heres to me..(C-F)
owned by you but I'd rather not be..(C-F)
This Whiskey's got me thinking....(G)
Hell with you this time it's all for me...(dimin)
That's pretty much what I came up in about half an hour. I wrote it based on how all of us pretty much work all the time just to live, when alot of people could do alot better things with their time. Sounds a little country though.

Damn the man, save the empire!
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I like it. My interpretation is more bluesy, had Chris Cornell's '2 drink minimum' in my head while reading it (his acoustic version aka Hope And Promise Fade is better than album) However i can't play by ear so dont really know how it sounds till i get my guitar out. Looking forward to a youtube cover.
Thanks, yeah wrote it bluesy, but than when I started putting chords to it, it came out country. I do think I use, "Whiskey's got me thinking," to repeatidly though. Thanks for some of the critique.
Thanksa bunch everybody, I thought I was terrible at writting songs and didn't know if I should post a vid, I have a terrible voice so I will have to get one of my singers to help.
Not many songs that I look at find a way to use a Dmin chord, so bravo for that. And if you could write it in that short of a time with chords and all, then you are poping them out like none other. Really, this kind of reminds me of "Invisible Man" by Theory of a Deadman and their line "Going once/going twice/three times/f*** this I'm gone". I'd say you've got a winner on your hands, and if you think you are not good at song writing then I must be god awful, because I am having trouble making a solid chord progression to fit a song haha. Great Job!