And I'd REALLY appreciate a little support from the UG community. My band Moonlight Social is pretty new on the scene here in Austin. We entered a local contest called Sound Wars against some more established bands, but we were a day late on starting the voting. All we need to do is get into the top 10 to move on to the second round (where votes will be reset and everything). We've climbed pretty quickly, but now we're in a tight race just outside of the top 10.

If you could go to this link and vote for us (Moonlight Social, track is "Neither Are You"), I'd be very grateful. Don't let the "register" thing scare you away. It's stupid easy (email, password, verify, boom you're done) and they won't send you any spam or anything — it's just to verify votes and keep people from cheating.

Making the top 10 against some of these groups would be phenomenal and really help us get more established in the Austin scene. You can vote once per day. And you all rock my socks off in a sexy way (I rhymed).

That link one more time!