Hello bass fans,

I have the cheapest, lousiest acoustic bass. I bought it from a furniture shop in north London and it is the cheapest musical instrument I own. I'm going for a very lacklustre lof-fi sound - think violent femmes - so it suits me fine, but there are a few glaring problems with it-

It has godawful buzz on basically every fret

The G string will not make a sound at all on the first two frets - the frets don't appear to be worn particularly, but there is a sizeable chunk missing from the nut, which could explain it

What I intend to do is fix/replace the nut. I'm hoping that raising the action will reduce the buzz and generally improve tone, and if I can fix raise the G string a little it should make those frets playable. However, I have totally no idea how to go about this. The nut is (pretty shoddily) glued in. Does anybody have any experience with this kind of thing?

I'm reluctant to take it into a shop, since it will probably cost more than the price of the instrument to fix. And sorry for no pics, but it's not with me at the mo.

TLDR- crappy acoustic bass needs nut fixing, anybody done it before?

Thanks UG, I love you guys
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use a razor to loosen the nut and pull it out. the nut slot may need some clenaing up after wards.
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