Dm A Bb A -reggae vibe

sometimes, I'd rather be wrong
than sit here hearing all your sad songs
about how you'd rather be dead
and sometimes you put that gun to your head

well baby, let me tell you something
you're not the only one who's dying here
well baby, let me show you something
it's almost over so have no fear

Dm E Bb A Bb punk

I've got a secret that I've been holding back
I think you ought to know it (I think you ought to know it)
I've got a couple in me, now I'm on the attack
there's voices in my head
and they're all screaming FIGHT BACK!

sometimes I'd rather be right
than be the one inside your pants at night
now baby don't get me wrong (your hot) <-----gang vocal lol
but this has got to stop
I want Super Saiyan abilities
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wow thats good i wish i could write really good lyrics like you but i just fail. i`ve writen 51 song since febuary so im still trying