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I have ezdrummer / drumkit from hell. Sounds okay, but can't take it to the next level.

I tried Addictive Drums once, however I had the older version which didn't support the usual Midi Mapping, so it was horrible to import my guitar pro midi files into the software.

However , I'm really digging ( after checking samples on youtube ) the sound of supperior 2

What about you guys?
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I use Superior and I really like it, however, as with all drum vsti's, it's becoming so heavily used it's very noticeable unless you take the time to properly humanize and sample blend.
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Just sample them. Will always sound better, be more versatile, and it's free.

Thats what i do
I used to use samples from the beginning of some Joy Division songs that begin with just a drum loop, i thought it was pretty cool at the time.
Now i sample anything and everything that sounds interesting tbh, a lot of samples i have ive never used
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When it comes to rock or metal, Superior 2 is the way to go (especially with Metal Foundry addon). For all my electronic music nneds, I sample. I may actually just start sampling for the guitar stuff as well.

I should also add that when I say samples, I use drum packs with each individual kick, snare, and hat cut out already. I'm not real big into loops or using samples from other people's music.
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Sampling is incredibly time consuming, no ?

I don't think so. If you have your collection organized properly, it takes only a few minutes. I have all my kicks in one folder, all my snares in another, hats and so forth. Then it's all just a matter of throwing them into a drum sampler.
I've used the 5 major drum VSTis to a certain extent. Addictive is my favorite if I wanna do everything in the box. Usually, I can do a little tweaking to a preset and were good. SSD has some good sounds and its easy to use. Its just a lot of it is out of the box for mixing.

I've never been a fan of EzDrummer or Superior just because the software has always been buggy as hell.

BFD is alright but I've only messed with the version that came with PT 7.4 and it was very limited
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Battery 3 has some cool features such as humanizing (can even make it sound like a terrible drummer). Another thing that sets it apart is that it comes with a huge variety of kits and other special/ethnic drumsets. The last good feature is that it can be used as a full fledge sampler. Drag and drop sound files into a box and done!
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Got me interested there on Battery 3 , never heard of it before.
I'm going to check it out.
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I like BFD 1.5. The toms are great and it's easy to set up your own alternate hits so that you get more variation. EZ Drummer works well on certain types of material (especially the Vintage Rock expansion). Superior Drummer 2 is quite frankly awesome but I'm not too keen on the included effects.
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Sampling is pretty quick for me, though that may just be because Ableton has a "drumkit" type thing where I can drag all of my samples and effects for each and save it as a preset. So I have several kits just waiting for me already, and I just tweak them to the song. Other daws may very well have a similar feature.
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Sampling is pretty quick for me, though that may just be because Ableton has a "drumkit" type thing where I can drag all of my samples and effects for each and save it as a preset. So I have several kits just waiting for me already, and I just tweak them to the song. Other daws may very well have a similar feature.

That's what I use.
At the moment I'm loving the EZDrummer Metalheads EZX. I tried Drumkit from Hell a while back, I never liked the kick drum, and the snares are gosh-awful. After that, I got claustrophic, which isn't bad. It's great for additional percussion, like tambourines, cowbells, cabasas, and claps, etc.

Metalheads is my favourite for it though, I don't even use it for much metal-y stuff . The kicks are great, very meaty, and alot less flabby than the DFH sounds. The snares are where Metalheads is miles ahead of DFH. The DFH snares, were really thin and just sounded like wooden saucepans, Metalheads snares are alot meatier. Although there are only a choice of two, annoyingly. My only critisim is that I wish it had more sounds to choose from, most of the cymbals, and drums aren't changeable, and the ones that are, only really give you two or three options at the most.

I've toyed with Steven Slate's stuff on several occasions before, they're fantastic. When I upgrade the RAM on this computer - running anything like that with a mere 512MB of RAM, in a recording session with any kind of serious mixing, is nowhere near enough . Once i've got around to chucking 4GB in this, getting SSD for myself is the top of my to-do list.

Although, it's how it's programmed more than the VSTi you're using. I play all my parts in, which helps dramatically. When you write something in Guitar Pro, then export it as MIDI, to use with a drum VSTi, it's all perfectly played on the beats, and there's often very little change in dynamics, if any. So it tends to sound very robotic, which sounds great with certain VSTi's, and for certain styles of music, but even the tightest of drummers, are NEVER that perfect or consistant (Unless it's all quantized afterwards, which isn't exactly rare in certain styles). You need it to be a little imperfect, with timing and dynamics to sound real. Although, saying that, you don't want it to be too far out .
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I use SSD EX mostly, but sometimes I'll mix in some of my own samples if I'm not feeling lazy.

Used to use EZ Drummer before and SSD destroys it for the $30 I paid Someday, I might buy Superior 2.0, but I'm happy with SSD right now, so I don't see any point in spending that kind of cash for S2.0 and Metal Foundry.
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Superior Drummer 2

Steven Slate's samples are great, but are already mixed so they're not very versatile and it's often really obvious when they're being used. I try to use them sparingly, usually just for the kick and to mix in with the snare in heavier parts.
Kontakt hands down just WINS for me. That and SSD.
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sampling is the only way to go

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