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howdy fella's.

this is my predicament. i need a custom body to fit both a strat-style trem bridge AND full range pickup. i am being informed by warmoth that this is not a possibility cuz this leaves an inadequate amount of base material between the bridge cavity and the pickup to appropriately mount the trem bridge.

now, i bought a great set of 1975 Seth Lover full-range pickups so i am set on using those pups (i only hunted for an affordable set for 5 years). i am also pretty dead set on getting a trem setup on the guitar, it's something i use enough to want it.

i was hoping an option would be to move the pup further up the body to leave enough material for the bridge. this would of course have the effect making the bridge pup sound a bit more like a mid or neck pup. what i don't know is how much would this effect of the tone of the bridge pup? if i just move the neck pup an inch or 1.5 inches would this kill all my bite for the bridge pup?

for my personal style, when i have 2 humbuckers i usually use the middle position on the pup selector anyway and blend volume by using both volume knobs. so i am not so worried about the bridge pup being played by itself, i am more interested in how it would blend with neck pup and if it'll still have a nice blended sound.

i apologize, i fell it is a long shot asking someone for an experienced question about this topic. i was just hoping there may have been a couple of guys here that have dabbled in placing pups on custom builds and might be able to help out.
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