Hello Again!

I am in the process of recording an (EP?) called Lost Words. I'm currently working out something with this producer, so you can expect one or maybe two of these songs recorded in professional quality. Probably "The Verdict" or "Again/Blooming". For me though, this is more like a practice in home-recording.

If you'd just listen and crit one of the songs, I'd appreciate it very much! Try picking ones that haven't been critted as much

>> You can listen to the whole thing here (Though most of the songs uploaded are still early recordings or previews) <<

Track list (Put "preview." before "tinyurl" in the links, if you don't trust me^^):

1. Again/Blooming
- Status: Making a new, and hopefully better recording. Thanks for the feedback on the mix!
-- Live version: http://youtu.be/8Q9sQlf61CI Recording: http://tinyurl.com/AgainBlooming

2. Lost Words
- Status: - Unreleased
-- Early Version: http://tinyurl.com/LostWordsEarly

3. Obvious
- Status: Finished!
-- Recording: http://tinyurl.com/Huliheaden-Obvious

4. Rush
- Status: - Finished!
-- Recording: http://tinyurl.com/RushFinished Live version: http://youtu.be/Yh_hmTfDK3Q

5. The Verdict
- Status: - Unreleased
-- Early version: http://youtu.be/sumcBW1Q7oI

Thanks, and remember to leave your songs in the comments!

- Huliheaden
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I gave both songs a listen. You have some really nice instrumentals going! I absolutely love the piano and guitar, they really set the mood. My only complaint is the vocals are a bit too loud, and sound like you are singing right into my ear. Other than that, your songs are nice.

It would be cool if you gave some of my songs a listen, you don't have to crit or anything, you can leave a comment if you want it you like. Thank you.
Again/Blooming-What did you compose this with if you dont mind my asking? Its really well written. I agree with the above poster maybe turn the vocals down a little bit. Otherwise this is a great song!

Obvious- This one is my favorite. The lyrics and song flow so well. The guitar playing on this is simple yet beautiful. Keep working on your singing and this could be on the radio. Awesome job.

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The voice is a little odd. It's almost got a bit of a country twang that seems like it shouldn't be there.
That synth in Again/Blooming is very annoying because it has a really bad resonance in the low-mids, and then when it cuts out the song also feels quite empty.
As a song it works pretty well, though.

The voice is much better in Obvious. Like that little jazzy lead guitar very much. It's quite a good fingerpicking song, and much better executed as a recording.
Thanks for all your tips on recording, keep it coming. I'm new to all this recording, but your crits have really helped me improve! I'm going on vacation now, so unfortunately I can't finish Lost Words and Bad Excuse before I get back. I'll be sure to get back on all the people who have posted a comment before I leave!

@dopelope - Well, the song basically came from just me messing about on the guitar. To begin with it sounded like this: http://youtu.be/8Q9sQlf61CI
I record on my Boss BR-600, using an old mic and my trusty Casio CDP-200R. The idea of using the piano, drums and synth all came to me during recording. It was originally meant to be an acoustic song, as shown in the video above. Is that what you wanted to know?

Thanks again all!
Quote by Huliheaden
Thanks for all your tips on recording, keep it coming. I'm new to all this recording, but your crits have really helped me improve! I'm going on vacation now, so unfortunately I can't finish Lost Words and Bad Excuse before I get back. I'll be sure to get back on all the people who have posted a comment before I leave!

@dopelope - Well, the song basically came from just me messing about on the guitar. To begin with it sounded like this: http://youtu.be/8Q9sQlf61CI
I record on my Boss BR-600, using an old mic and my trusty Casio CDP-200R. The idea of using the piano, drums and synth all came to me during recording. It was originally meant to be an acoustic song, as shown in the video above. Is that what you wanted to know?

Thanks again all!

That is exactly what I wanted to know. I'm trying to pick up tips from other players/musicians. Thanks a lot! BTW that really is a great song.
Good stuff man!

Again/Blooming - Very mellow and sad song. It's nicely done and composed. You can really feel the lyrics with the actual melody of the song. Your vocals has a unique tone which is good as it is not flat but with what other says, it could have been much better if we lower down the volume a bit. It was a nicely written song overall.

Obvious - Guitar instrumental is really nice. Very melodic and at the same time the lyrics is pretty cool and has some seriousness on it. Keep up the good work! ^^
Lost Words -
Very interesting progressions here, works well especially on the acoustic guitar. Your voice has a unique feel to it, whilst also having the typical characteristics of a 'singer-songwriter'. Very nice! The only thing I'd suggest with this is building up the guitar chord progressions throughout the piece... it sounds a bit repetitive at the moment, and maybe a key change could make this song shine
I do, however, like the beat you've included on the second verse onwards!
Great work!

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I really like the sound of this, the mix is very open and airy. The jazzy parts between the guitars add a lot of character, very good! There's not much else the track really needs imo, the lyrics are good and your voice works well especially for such a simple arrangement. Good effort!
Again/Blooming - I'll crit as i listen. Love the piano.. Vocals is a little loud. A little bit of reverb would sound good, too. Love how the guitar comes in.. Love the transition at 1:25. Awesome drum entrance. You might want to try revoicing the synth part around 1:52 - sounds a little too dissonant to me. And when the synth left a few seconds later it felt kind of empty and lost some of the power. Overall, a very well constructed song! I enjoyed it

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Just listened to lost words - it's good it man.
Really into the progression, love it infact.. Your voice totally suits it, really soft and calm sounding but when the time comes also has a pretty good edge to it.
Interesting lyrics, got a melancholic feel to it. it's really good.

Also like your radiohead cover... lol.

What recording stuff do you use?
Oh and good luck with the demo!
For Lost Words I used a cheap mic, and my Boss BR 600. I now have a better mic, but I still record most all of my stuff on my Boss BR 600. It usually also takes care of the mixing, but it's a bit tricky at times, with the few physical tracks it can have at once.

I'd record actual drums, if it wasn't such a hassle getting my drumset setup (There is not enough room to have it up all the time), so for the time being I record drums on my Casio CDP-200R, or add them in LMMS.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm expecting to make the real recording of Lost Words very soon. I'm not going to change much though, I'm just going for some better recording quality
Thanks for the reviews! "The Verdict": there were a couple of places in the song where you paused for a few seconds: I wasn't sure if that was intentional or not. Otherwise, I thought the song itself was very good & so is the singing! Not sure if at least one of the pauses was because it was a transition into a bridge or ? The guitar playing & all of the melodies are good (including vocal). "Lost Worlds": I'm trying to remember if I've heard this song before, maybe on a live video? This time, the brief pauses were effective (good!). The song itself is very good. Most all of the singing is very good, but not always flawless. A few weeks ago I was trying a trial version of Melodyne Editor, and I thought it worked a lot better than my Antares AVP-1 if the pitch was off just slightly. I plan on buying the cheapest Melodyne for $59 before the end of this month (then it goes back up to $100). Guitar playing on this song was quite good. Cheers!
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A cheap mic..? lol.. you wouldn't know to listen to it. Put me, my 10 megapixel piece of crap camera and limited tech knowledge to shame haha..

Awesome though dude, send me a PM or something when you do the final recording, would love to hear it!
Catch the Train: I love the haunting quality of your voice, although I feel like the parts where you tried to add more tension/grit into your vocals didn't quite come out as I would've liked. Great idea, less-than-great execution (and please note I'm not exactly in a position to critique you on singing lol). Love the indie feel of the song; reminds me vaguely of Death Cab, and to me that's a good thing.

Musically, it's all there and good! The chords are simple but effective, and you mix it up enough to keep the song interesting.

Good luck in the future, and I'll be sure to check out some of your other songs when I have more time! Feel free to send me any of your new stuff and I'll happily give it a listen.

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Your voice is a bit unusual, its got a taste of Gary Newman mixed with some Roger Waters and Syd Barrett, and there's an emphasis on the high mids that are present in your voice. It might do best to mix it down just a bit, to fit it in a little more. I'd also add a bit of reverb and some delay too, to emphasize the aforementioned haunting quality.

I like what you did with Again/Blooming, the instrumentation works.

Just started listening to the live version of the same song, and there's the Bono Dip in your voice too (Listen to some of U2's earlier albums and you'll know what I mean)
Beautiful guitar work on Obvious, your voice definitely has a unique tone but it sounds good. Nice piano on Again/Blooming. Sounds great overall.

It had a great feeling to it. I loved how personal the recording sounded. Not over produced and just pure music. Nowhere to hide.

This vulnerable feeling of it kept me listening closely waiting for a **** up :P But it never happened. Except the falsetto at the end which should either be turned down in the mix or removed. It didn't have no pleasant quality to it UNLIKE your chest voice!

Dude I really love your voice! It's definatly memorable and I'm positive that when I hear it again I'll recognize you. It's hard to compare it to any other voice cause it's very original.

Musically, it was a great listen! Great composition and the lyrics are definatly top-notch!

Wish you luck bro! The producer would be stupid to miss out on recording you
really liked the guitar and piano work here. i look forward to seeing a finished project.
Thanks for the crit.

Gave Obvious a listen, really like the laid back acoustic style of it. Musically I really like it, however your voice has a very strange tonality. I'm not really a fan personally but thats just my opinion.
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I hear what some people said about the vocals having a bit of country twang to them...it's fine, and great to be unique, but it's definitely observable. I think overall you've got something good going there, the songs sound different enough from each other but you still have a sound that makes it sound like you. Double-tracking your guitars wouldn't be such a bad idea, it'd fill things out...try a few different ways, maybe put the mic in a different position or farther/closer, etc. Experiment!
Thanks for my criticing.. ill do yours as i listen to it

Great piano playing, sounds very nice... And great vocals over the top, a very nice intro... Then I really like it when the next part comes into it, not sure what it is, but that bass sort of sound in the back sounds very nice, but it overpowers the rest of it a bit too much IMO. Ill bring it down a bit...

Then at 1:50ish when you come into the acoustic guitar it sounds very nice still. Drums sound nice as well. there is no complaints for me at this point. Great job on this one! I really like it a lot!

Lost words
The guitar intro sounded nice... but once your voice came into it, it overpowered it a bit.. I think you should turn down the voice in the mix ( thats if your mixing it at all!! ). The overall singing sounds good, just feels like its overpowering the rest of the track. Although once you come in with the strumming, i think that it sounds fine. again good job on this one.

Great intro, reminds me of a sort of andy mckee approach! I really like what you are doing with the vocal melody! I really like the sound of it. 0:50 guitar soloish part sounds really nice, as well as the extra little parts you do throughout it (a few slides etc.)... this track is really nice.. Probably my favourite so far of the first 3... great job!

Nice Chord progression on this one, your playing it very nicely and sing the vocals over the top well. If im honest, throughout the song I was waiting for it to progress into something else. It was very calm throughout the thing but I felt like it needed to just EXPLODE at some point... Maybe with some piano/orchestra sounds or something. But it is a great track and I like this...

The Verdict
The quality lets it down but overall its a nice song, just kinda boring IMO. It lacks something intresting to make it a great song. It reminds me a bit of "rush" but rush had more going for it IMO. but sounds great as a song though..

good job on this EP, very good!
Thanks for the crit.

Guitar sounds really good, jazzy parts are cool, very chill. I was going to suggest adding a few things, but I like the minimalist approach.
My only problem with this one are the vocals, they just don't work for me, but that's just my opinion.

I just feel like you should try to get other things going, instrument-wise. I mean it's ok if you have one stripped-down song, just guitar and vocals, but 2 of them one after the other, I don't know, they would have to have something really special so they can be told apart. I feel like I'm listening to Obvious again.
That doesn't mean the song is bad, I just don't think it's strong enough to rely just on the vocals.
I hope that makes sense.
I actually tried making a slightly grunge version of Rush. I never got it right, but based on your crits I will try again. Thanks!

Also, as things are now, it seems like I'll get one of my songs profesionally recorded next week. Until I know which (or if any it all) I am not going to record/re-record anything, except for maybe Rush.
This is for Obvious

This is a nice sounding pop song. Very easy listening. It's been mentioned before, but your vocals are kinda weird. Your pitch control is good for the most part. There weren't too many parts where your voice was noticeably off key. Nothing autotune couldn't fix.

About the vocals. I think your problem is that you sound like you're pinching your nose while you sing. I tried singing the way you do, and while doing so I found that there was a lot of tension in my throat and I was only using the air in the top half of my lungs to sing. Perhaps this is the case for you?

I hope this helps