Alright so my friend and I intend to start a band soon, and have been coming up with song ideas for the better part of a year. For the most part we just send each other bits and pieces of the songs and we are looking to actually record things and see how they sound.
Only problem is, we don't have drums, and we feel that it would benefit us alot to have a drum track on these recordings. We have been using audacity to record guitar parts and bass and such, but neither of us know what to use for a drum machine or drum track. We play an amalgamation of funk, rock, and blues, so straight 4/4 time signature drum tracks might not be enough because some things we play require weird syncopation on the drums and guitar.

Also, I'm not looking to spend very much money if at all any money on this drum track/machine.

Can you point me in the right direction or tell me what my options are?
well step one would be to more away from audacity. i have heard it has improved in the recent years, but is still leaps and bounds behind other DAWs. try reaper. the full version is $40, and the demo is fully functional. download now, pay later.

then visit this thread to find out how to make some free drum tracks.
you are welcome.

i dont know if you and your buddy ever use guitar pro to write stuff, but you can set up the sampler to follow general midi. which means anything written in guitar pro (or similar programs) will play correctly when the midi file is imported. takes a bit of work to set up, but if you do it once you can save that track as a template and import it whenever you want it.
Well you have 2 Options for what you wanna do.

A- A drum machine, a piece of hardware wich you can compose beats on. They can get quite pricy for a decent one. And theyre often confined to a certain sound, so you might not get what you want.


B- Get a Software program. a DAW, they come with drum machine pluggins (Redrum for reason, Boom on pro tools 9 Ect) and you can sequence your beats in the program as well.
best option for rock|metal sound is to dowload EZ drummer( wich has amazing ''real'' kit sound) and sequence it with a DAW. DAWS are prety expensive but theyre some cheap options ( ..reaper...garage band..). but the internet is big you can find some good deals

hope this helped
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