So I bought a Vypyr 15 from a friend of mine and it worked great until one day I accidentally knocked it on its face while a I had a plug in the line out jack. Now it seems it will only play through the line out. If something isnt plugged into the line out, the speaker simply doesn't work. Now if turn the amp on before I plug the guitar in, play a sustaining note, and then plug the guitar into the amp, I get about 2 seconds of sound through the speakers and the it goes out until I plug into the line out. I dont have a warranty, and I'm pretty good with electronics ( this wouldn't the first amp I've opened up and fixed) so I was thinking its probably a matter of replacing the aux input/line out jack that broke when the amp fell over. Can anyone tell me if I might be right and if so can anyone tell me where I can order the parts to replace it?
I've already gone inside and disconnected and reconnected everything. And the speaker always kicks for a sec when I turn it on while playing a note. I dont think anythings loose.
The line out jack is supposed to mute the speaker. The Vypyr isn't in operating mode until you plug in the guitar cable. Your excellent troubleshooting description tells me that the amp starts playing through the speaker as soon as it goes into run mode. At that time it apparently hasn't detected the state of the line out jack.

After it detects the line out jack state then it mutes the speaker. But the line out jack doesn't have anything plugged in and it shouldn't be muted. So I think you are on the right track by suspecting the fault is in the line out jack. Jacks in newer equipment are usually cheap plastic enclosed parts that are hard to do much with.

So I say go with your gut and mess with it. Unless you have a warranty and get the job done cheap without risking a screwup.