Okay, if you know why these two songs are mentioned in the title, then you should already know who I'm referring to that's covered both of them, and covered them well.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "you dumbass, there's already tabs for those songs."

Well, that's where the problem comes in: John Mayer is a bastard and has come up with 2 (really 3, 2 different ways to play Ain't No Sunshine) amazing versions of both of these songs. I would love to find tabs for them, but no matter what I can't.

If I could figure these songs out myself, I would've a long time ago, but sadly my ear isn't that good. I have audio clips of both songs, and very good audio clips at that, for whoever is willing to tab them out.

Hell, I'll even pay you for it, if that entices you, but that payment is dependent upon the quality/accuracy of the tab.

Well, if you're interested, just PM me on here and we can go from there.

Thanks in advance guys, and happy playing!
He definitely does the best covers of any song ever written! I'm pretty sure he plays Ain't No Sunshine in A minor. Some times G minor. Use the minor pentatonic scales for those songs and see if you can figure at least a little bit out. For Voodoo Chile I would suggest learning Jimi Hendrix's version first. They both play them in the same key (Jimi may have had his guitar tuned a half step down though). I think it is in G. Definitely play a lot of the E minor pentatonic scale for that one.
Good Luck Buddy
I will stay tuned to see if anybody can nail Aint No Sunshine