Okay so i started playing my american deluxe strat today and everything was normal. i play through my normal warm up songs and the guitar was working perfectly fine. For the first few songs i was able to switch to the bridge pickup and it worked perfectly, then i switch back to the neck for about 3 minutes, then i go back to the bridge and for some reason the bridge pickup had very little output. You could here the faintest of notes coming through the amp. I'm dumbfounded as to why the bridge isnt working. The neck and mid pickups are working perfectly but i have to turn the volume and gain to the max on my amp to here the fainest notes from the bridge. Could a wire have somehow popped loose? I wasn't being rough with the guitar and whenever i'm not playing the guitar its stored in a hardshell case.

does anybody know what the problem could be?
Could be the switch; I would toggle it a bunch to see if it ever makes the bridge pickup work.
If you do look inside and all wires are in place, you need a switch.

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open it up- loosen strings, unscrew 11 pickguard screws and see which leads from the bridge pup have been disconnected