Hello, all! I am on the market for a new amp (duh). Anyway, I am looking at a Vox AC30, but I'd be open to any other suggestions. Criteria is as follows!
Budget: I have a Genz Benz El Diablo, so hopefully a straight trade + cash back.
New vs. Used: Preferably used to save $.
Genre: I enjoy to play some hard rock, some metal, but I predominantly play stuff like (newer) Thrice, Thursday, and blues. So I am looking for a great clean tone.
Size: I am going to college in the fall and have four guitars. So, preferably not TOO big...
Current set up: Very basic. Fender Stratocaster/Jaguar --> Fulltone OCD --> Amp

Thank you to all!
You really couldn't go wrong with an AC30 to be honest.

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yeah AC30s are nice

Hard Rock and Metal? hmmmmm...

here is some other stuff worth considering


Maybe look at a Traynor too and on a lower budget possibly a Bugera V22

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I started on a Traynor 10 watt. Pretty decent for a solid. Anyway, i found an AC 30 for $700. Apparently Joan Jett played it a few days ago at a local concert. Haha.
If I can sell my Genz. I'm sure I can. Bunch of metal heads round here. Ha.