Hey guys. I'm writing a song, and I have a C minor add 9 chord. I can't really figure out any chords to come after it. I was going for a spacey kind of sound. Any ideas?
maybe Absus4? I unno, just use your ear
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Spacey, huh? Try to spread the notes of the chord as far away as possible. Perfect 4ths work well.

Here's what I just came up with:

Cadd9 - Bm7 - Cadd9 - A7 - Gmaj7/B (Gmaj7 the second time)
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Question is.. what are your chords prior to the Cm9... or Cm add 9?

All the suggestion are cool and stuff... just what came before it. Unless of course... you wrote a song and got stuck on chord number one.

Are you voicing it in open position? 3rd fret barre? 8th fret barre?
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