I cant make it dive bomb no matter what I do!

Its really getting to me now as I want to be able to play like Dime!

Any help?

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no tremolo bar? maybe thats why
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It's not recessed enough. You'll need to take the bridge off, and recess the body at least another 1/4 inch to be able to play like dime
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^What kind of trem is that, even?? Problem with dive bombing like Dime is that he used a full floating Floyd Rose tremolo with a locking nut. Try dive bombing on a guitar without one, your tuning will go all to hell.
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Itz cuz u dont got the dean dime geetar man! u need one of thoze and zome dimebuckerz and teh thin strings!
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it's clearly because your pickup is oxidizing. its the only explanation
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Because you havent learned to whammy without your whammy bar
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What you really need is a new amp....
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