Hey, I have been practicing my alternate picking a lot. Like all the time. And I have gotten really good at it, its natural, but I realized that I completely overlooked economy picking. I have tried it, and found it challenging. I know that with practice I could get it down good, but I was wondering if I am very good at alternate picking, should I still spend a lot of time focusing on economy picking or should I focus my practice time on other techniques.
I wouldn't worry too much about economy picking if you have got alternate down. maybe if there is a lick where you need it... but I wouldn't worry too much about it really...
I get the feeling you are the reverse of me, when I play I Economy pick and it is natural. I can't pick anywhere near as fast when I alt pick.

I don't bother with Alternate picking, as for me economy is way easier in things like 3 notes per string runs as your right hand is always doing the same thing D-U-D or U-D-P plus thats how I have played for 3 years, I actually always thought I was alt picking until I saw that it was U-D-U-D etc
Economy. I used to be an strict alternate picker, but after a few weeks of practice was able to break that habit and switched to economy which makes string skipping and sweeping so much more natural.