Hello, I am a fairly experienced guitar player and I was looking for an upgrade from my jackson js22. My budget is $500. I really like the look of a telecaster, and the strat... which one would be more versatile and what other ones in my price range should i look into?


i would go with a strat but neither would be a mistake in my opinion
Either one will do just fine, but an HSS strat will prolly be a bit better. The have trems, not quite as bright, and a little lighter. Try a bunch in your price range and whichever is most comfortable for you is the best buy.
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Those links don't work for me...

I've always been a sucker for the Telecaster Deluxe
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ok so i've narrowed it down to the strat. i was thinking just the standard stratocaster, but i also really like the hss.
i'll be playing john mayer and red hot chili peppers.... that kind of thing. Thanks guys so much.