Hey guys,

I know this is a mega noob question, but what's the 'proper' way to tune a guitar? I've been having minor tuning stability issues with my guitar (ESP Eclipse-II, with a Gotoh Tune-O-Matic), but I've had it fully setup recently and the string contact points lubed up. The strings should be all stretched out by now, and my guitar also came with locking tuners so I have no idea what's wrong. Someone suggested that maybe I'm not tuning it properly?

I found a page on the Gibson website with this:
"Tune the two outside strings (or pairs) first, then tune towards the center. This equalizes the pressure on the bridge and allows for rapid tuning."
(http://www.gibson.com/Service/Owners%20Info%20Guide/Tune%20your%20Guitar/). Would this method have any effect on tuning stability? Thoughts on this?

Could it be my bridge? Anyone else have problems with Tune-O-Matics?

EDIT: I have no idea why the link won't work when I click on it, but the page definitely works when I go through Google.
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Are you getting lots of wraps at the machine head? And each one is underneath the previous one?

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Unfortunately, I was serious . Also, redditor?

My guitar has locking tuners so there's no wraps at the machine heads. There's definitely no room for wraps anyway, but I shouldn't need them if I have locking tuners, right?

Also, should I be stretching out my strings every time I play? It's been almost 2 months since it was setup, and they should be stretched out by now so I haven't been doing them recently. Would it help if I stretched them and did a few bends before tuning and fine-tuning every time?
You have an ESP Eclipse and you don't know how to tune a guitar?!??!

Sorry, that was arrogant.
I haven't heard of tuning from the outside in before, but I guess it makes sense. I used to have a cheap as chips Strat copy, and tuning that was hard work. By the time I'd finished tuning the last string, the string I started on would be out. I guess if I had of tuned from the out inwards, I may have had less work to do.
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You have an ESP Eclipse and you don't know how to tune a guitar?!??!

I know, it hurt to write this thread . Someone honestly suggested that to me, though. Maybe she meant that it wasn't strung properly? But like I said, I have locking tuners so the strings aren't wrapped at the machine heads. There's no room for wraps.

I honestly don't know what else could be causing my tuning issues. It's pissing me off because my crappy $200 strat copy stays in better tune, and it hasn't been setup in like 2 years. I'm so frustrated like you wouldn't believe.

Also, I admit that I'm one of those people that know absolutely nothing about guitars even though I have a nice one. I just like playing . I'm taking it upon myself to learn more, though!

So tuning from the outside and inwards actually allows the tuning to hold better? The Gibson page didn't say why it was the proper way to tune, but that's what I'd hoped it meant. Well I'll try it out tonight, and I'll start stretching my strings and doing bends before I tune and fine-tune from now on.

EDIT: My ESP was strung and setup by a trusted guitar tech.
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Yeah that's possible, but it was only setup like 2 months ago. The humidity in my room is a little on the higher end though, having gone up to 50% before so that might be it, but I keep it in the case. We have a de-humidifier that runs in the basement, but I'm on the top floor so that doesn't help too much.
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You have an ESP Eclipse and you don't know how to tune a guitar?!??!

Yeah, thats why I posted the picture. No hard feelings man.
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