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10 16%
1 2%
Mostly Up
31 49%
Mostly Down
9 14%
Doesn't Matter
12 19%
Voters: 63.
So I was just wondering whether you guys bend upwards or downwards. I commonly bend up (A good 98% of the time, I guess that's more than commonly), but today I was playing Norwegian Cowbell by Paul Gilbert, and found myself bending just one note, the one at 1:15 in that video, downwards, and now its just bothering me on why I did that, but it sounds just as good so I really don't care. So, which way?

Edit: By the way I would consider myself to be Up.
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I bend the low strings down and the high strings up generally.

Yeah, You have to do that sometimes, but that doesn't really count cause its a restriction, unless you're going off the fret board you can't bend the Low E.
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I bend just whatever way without thinking; my cousin always freaks out for some reason and calls it "old school" when he sees me bend one way then another LOL.

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It's all relative really. Usually on the higher strings I bend up and the lower strings down or if I'm going up from one string to another I'll bend the direction that I'm going. So if i'm playing a scale and ascending I'll bend downwards and descending upwards. Also it has a lot to do with the finger I use. I usually bend up with my middle, ring and pinky and down with my index finger.
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On the top three strings I bend down, and on the bottom three it's up. (By top three, I mean low E, A and D). Although, sometimes if I'm going for a large bend (more than a tone) I bend down, don't know why.
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e-D up, A n E down. Can get much more power down plus you don't bash off the top of the fretboard.
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toward the center of the fretboard

This is how I also bend, which means I bend the lower strings down and the higher strings up. I depends ont he string you're playing on.