Awesome work! Wonderful cover! I've been playing a few months now and I've got a while to go. In your video at 2:07 what is that technique called? Also at 2:15, it sounds like you're playing 16th notes, do you for every note pluck the string or do you skip the plucking (of the string) and just hit the note with your finger hard enough (kinda like a hammer on?). I am guessing you hit the string for every note but from above and then from underneath instead of just hit from above followed by another hit from above, this way you can pick up speed.

BTW check out my vid what ya think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xnj_prAqNY

Haha, yes I am Armenian also. Small world indeed. In the video at 2:07 the technique is called tapping and I'm just skipping strings (A to G to E) outlining some arpeggios of the chords underneath. When I pick through scales, I alternate pick them so each note gets picked from either above (downstroke) or underneath (upstroke). You have a solid foundation to your playing, keep going! And thanks for watching. \m/
dude that was kick ass great job
Digging the arpeggios something I really need to learn how to do that....
Holy balls that's some good fills you'd incorporated in the song man!

Wish my band's guitarists would do riffs like that...