So what types of boobs do you like? Small ones? Big ones? I'm curious...
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the kind i can touch

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wy is yer mad at muy gramhar fer?

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jimmybanks youre a genius.

aparently i ar smrt?
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jimmybanks youre a genius

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Normal size, I hate breasts that are really big. I more prefer small-medium size perky breasts.
Proportional to the girl. And I like small girls, so smaller I guess.
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brot pls
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Boobs are boobs as long as they don't sag.

I'm a legs and ass man. Curves for the win.


Also, reported
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small. in 20 years they wont be saggy like those DD's will be

when I'm nailing a bitch the last thing im thinking is what she'll look like in 20 years
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wtf is a selfie? is that like, touching yourself or something?
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Female ones


OT: 30-36 B/C.
Nice ones.

Fake boobs are alright too as long as they're well-made and she doesn't tell me

If they look good on the girl then they're good boobs. The female of my interests at the moment has small boobs, and she's pretty self-conscious about it. I constantly tell her that she looks great regardless of what she has hanging from her chest.
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Fake boobs are alright too as long as they're well-made and she doesn't tell me

Fake boobs are cold and lifeless.

Boobs that feel good in my hands.
I would honestly date a flat chested chick as long as I liked her personality and style. In general I'm more of an ass man anyways (if she didn't have that either then it would be depressing but I could cope). I hate boobs that are just...too big. Freaks me out.
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30-36 B/C.

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You look like a young Eugene Levy, but with a moustache.

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They'll still look like a 12 year old though.

>implying that's a bad thing

I'm not a pedo I swear!
D cup would be my go to, something big enough o rally gra but not creepy big with th giant nipple dinner plate starting to happen. C's are great too though, there a modest boob, and they have more range, with the right clothes they can either look like small B's or huge D's.

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Useless threads or overdone threads go against the rules AFAIK

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