Hey guys,
Looking for a bit of help to classify the sound of my band. We've been struggling to slot our sound into a specific genre. We all come from metal backgrounds and personally I see metal as a primary influence to my writing, but would you consider this music metal? If not, what would you call it?

Just curious


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Not really sure what I'd call it, but I wouldn't call it metal. The whole song just sounded like a really, really drawn out intro. I kept waiting for it to pick up.
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i guess it could be called as some sort of progressive metal

see im having the same issues, what would you call this? http://vendettav.bandcamp.com/album/pumpkin-cake

my new album

the older stuffo f mine is a bit more of a metal stuff, but then it's not that METAL people think of... http://www.myspace.com/vshred

that's why i call myself psycho metal
I'd call it post-rock.
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Dude, disco obviously.

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I wouldn't call that metal, no, it's a lot closer to alternative. The style reminds me of Thursday, to be honest.
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I was actually enjoying that tune and then the lead vocal kicked in and it was so out of tune it actually hurt my ears and I had to turn it off.

Anyway, it's basically an updated version of 1970's art rock. It only sounds more typically alternative (and btw, alternative to what? Being able to play well?) when the shitty vocal enters and takes the overall quality down a notch or ten.