The answer to the thread is opinionated and can be done with a simple yes or no, but an explanation towards that answer would be better for discussion. To make the debate simple, I will be using the idea of a 'business' although the question could be made regarding any other factor. So here we go...

The year is 1960 and a business is started by a group of people under a name, for the sake of discussion the name of the business is GOOD.

In 1963, after three years of operations, the business folds up. However, in 1962, a separate business, called BAD, forms and exists within the same field.

Then in 1964, one of the people that were from the business GOOD, joins this separate business and after a short amount of time, everyone involved decides to change the name of the business to GOOD. Then in 1967, after three more years of being involved in GOOD, the person who was part of both businesses departs for whatever reason. The business then carries on for several decades under the name GOOD without a single person that was involved in the original business.

With the above explanation, the question therefore is this:

Should the business GOOD that is in its forth decade of existence begin counting its origins from 1960, when the name was first conjured up, or should it be from 1964 when they changed their name to what it has been ever since?
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Neither. The 1960 business folded and a SEPARATE business started. So if they are counting its origins then it should start in 1963 because that is when the other business began. The name change doesn't matter, it's still the same business.

edit, you changed the op while I was typing this, so now you are saying the other business started in 1962, so that would be the origin.
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A similar question was asked in the prologue of John Dies at the End.

Thread should now be about John Dies at the End.
1962 is the origin of the business that is going for 4 decades, the name change doesn't affect that at all, a business can change its name all it likes, but it can only be incorporated on one day and that is its origin.

So in short, neither of your answers are right.
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1962. curious about the band ts will reference
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