Hi Guys! I'm new here and just wanted to share one of my original songs that I made.
Just a draft and still needs to straighten the vocals and the recording itself.
I'm open for any comments and will make sure I'll comment back to your work. Thanks

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its actually a really nice, melodic and emotional song.
you should try messing around with the EQ for the keyboard sounding intro, cos it really cuts into your vocals, which is a shame, because you're quite talented.
also i reckon you should try adding some more complexity to your melodies, because they're quite straightforward and they could be a bit more original sounding.

overall good song- with some proper mixing it has a lot of potential!
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First thing to do in the re-recording is to make sure the guitars are in tune. That whole intro is really badly out of tune on multiple guitars.

When everything kicks in it gets better.

Vocally, you need to mix it right the hell up. The voice is actually really good. Just watch the pitching on your falsetto.

Also, you seem to know how to program the drums fairly well. You had some cool grace notes and things sitting in there. The timing seemed a bit off in places, though. Especially when things kick in or out. Make sure you have a click going for the whole song and play your instruments to that. I would guess you recorded the guitars then wrote the drums, which is what I often do and it backfires.

But anyway, the structure of the song was really good and the dynamic and arrangement ideas are very sound. Just needs a decent recording.
It's a nice song. As said before, the guitars were badly out of tune in the beginning. The drums are nice, when they are in rhythm. My guess is that you weren't using a metronome? You should try and do that
The song itself is very nice, though I just feel like I've heard some parts of the melody before. You have a great voice. It gets a bit pushy a few times on the higher notes. I'm sure you're aware of that though, and it takes time to flesh out things like that. Also, I shouldn't be the one to talk on that matter.. I am horribly pushy when recording, and I'm not sure why.

I like the song. With a decent recording, this song could be very strong!

Thank you all for the critiques! Still a noob and recording. I appreciate all your feedback and will try to re-record it with all your suggestions and clean it out. Thanks! ^_^
I really like this song, good melodies all round
I wasn't really expecting drums, but they were a nice addition. I would suggest bringing them in earlier to maintain listener interest

The recording is rough, if I am to be brutally honest. It's not horrible, but it's not professional studio quality either.
I don't mind anyway, all that matters to me is the composition - and this is great! The song is very well arranged and written, and the fact that this is all you only impresses me

Great work! Keep it up! I would recommend sending the raw files off to a professional studio... they can really make them shine, and this could be 11/10!

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