Hey guys!

Im going to get my first guitar soon so I saw two good looking guitars. The IBANEZ GRX40 and The Pacifica 012... I was wondering which on was better... Please help me out.. Any know issues or complaints??

Thanks in advance!!
This should be under "Electric Guitar", not "Guitar Techniques". I haven't played either of those, but assuming they are comparably priced (and by extension comparable build quality), it will depend on what you like to play. If you're in to rock and metal and music with distortion, get one with humbuckers. Otherwise get one with single coils. Other than that, you'll need to sit down and play them with the amp you are using to hear which one sounds better to you, and also to see which one feels better to you. And if everything feels equal, get the one that looks cool.
Yamaha Pacifica for sure. Quality instruments and versatile.

The Ibanez is...meh. It's not going to be made of great hardware and Powersound pickups are pretty muddy.


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This should be under "Electric Guitar", not "Guitar Techniques".
This is the electric forum dude not the techniques forum!
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This is the electric forum dude not the techniques forum!
Think about that one for a second and you'll figure it out
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had that ibanez for a fews years as my watching tv guitar. they aren't bad for a beginner guitar at all. having said that the yamaha is a little better.
Can't help much about the comparison but I can give you my opinion on the Ibanez, since I own one

-Overall I think it's a solid guitar for the price. It sounds good if you play heavy stuff and the neck is nice

-I don't like the pickups and the clean sounds. It sounds thin and muddy ( but for the price you can't be surprised...). I also find it heavy so it's not as confortable as it could be

My advice keeping it simple: If you play more with distortion go for the Ibanez, if you play clean most of the time go for the yamaha