Hi, folks. I tracked this song on Tuesday for a local band. This is my first mix of the song and would love some input on what people like as well as what people think needs to be changed. I'm going to be tweaking the mix tonight and tomorrow before sending it to the band.

It's a small clip, but you get the point.

What do you think? C4C

Well I'm no expert in Metalcore, but the guitars sound way to rough to me and I really dislike the cymbals. Everything else sounds fine.
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The bass in some parts sounds very iffy to me. I don't know if that's the tone of the instrument itself or the mix. Fiddle around with the vocals and guitars.

In some parts the guitars are very loud. I love records which are mixed loud although this does sound quite a bit harsh. Good job nonetheless! Much better than I could do.


Crit me?
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I think the guitars are a little more overdriven than distorted...almost a little too midrangy? It might just be my ear, but they sound like they have a big bell EQ...the mix is pretty good, though...I think the bass drop might be a little loud, and the vocals might be a little loud, but those drums are nice and tight (: the kick drum is super tight, but that's probably the compressor :P I also agree, the cymbals are a little harsh, but overall, it's not a bad mix (:
The mix is actually very well done, I like the various effects you've included here and there (such as the intro... works well!

Drums - Very tight, I have no complaints here.
Bass - I can't really hear it... might just be my headphones, but it doesn't really stand out in the mix... I don't know :/
Guitars - I'm keen on these, they work well. Perhaps lower the volume of them slightly, and it should be perfect!

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Few things I think could use some work:

Way too much reverb on the snare
Snare is not poppy enough... the kick actually sounds more like a snare
Too much click on the kick and not enough lowend
Cymbals should be a tad higher in volume IMO
Bass is way too low in the mix
Guitar sounds really hollow, with not enough meat too it - You should be using the bass to supplement the guitar tone

What are you using for guitar and drums?
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Needs more bass presence, and I;m in love with mids in guitar, bur it sounds like you could've out the mic in a better spot on the cone. Drums are too quiet as well. Vox perfect. Super tight like a boss! Cymbals along with drums should be louder.
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Thanks for the comments, guys! I responded to the threads that were left.

Guitars ended up being POD Farm, bass was TSE BOD and drums are Superior with some sample blending.

Here's the finish song for anyone interested: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16210823/Come%20At%20Me%20Bro.mp3

If you like the band, give em a like, they just made a facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jump-the-Sky/130751997002113?sk=app_2405167945