My main reason is that I am in the country all the time and its kind of a match MADE in heaven. Playing acoustic and the country is like walking into a strip club and getting a hardon.

I also like it for the finger strengthening benefits as well as the finger-callus benefits. I use medium guage strings cause I really like to strum the hell out of the guitar and I'm always tapping on it to provide some kind of rythmic accompanyment with the song.

All in all I probably wouldnt do it if this guitar hadn't been only 200 dollars but its the toughest damn guitar I've ever had the pleasure of using.
I play both, but acoustic is my main instrument, I didn't choose it, it chose me
Well, I've done both for many years. Most of what I play is "roots" material that sounds best on acoustic. However, I love nasty, distorted electric blues as well.
Electric guitar hurts my puny ears. Acoustic has a warm feeling to it.
I believe this question is incredibly stupid.

Another example:

Why do YOU plan acoustic guitar instead of hurdy gurdy?
Why do YOU plan acoustic guitar instead of trombone?
Why do YOU plan acoustic guitar instead of organ?
Why do YOU plan acoustic guitar instead of xylophone?
Why do YOU plan acoustic guitar instead of snare drum?
Why do YOU plan acoustic guitar instead of triangle?

Like it or not, acoustic guitar is a different instrument from electric guitar. Your question would be more valid if you asked about acoustic and classical guitars, because those have something REALLY incommon
Not long after I started playing electric I got my first classical guitar lessons. Since I not had anyone to play with it was perfect since you are able to sort of play "everything" yourself. I later on found the child guitarist Sungha Jung on youtube and trough him I found the realm of the fingerstyle guitar which I since then have been in love with, even though I while I played fingerstyle also played in a metal band. But these days it's only acoustic fingerstyle guitar
to me it just sounds better, and if i want to hear an electric guitar, i can just plug in my acoustic/electric into my amp and tweak a few settings to make it sound just like an electric
It's just for me.

That's it.
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I write most of my music on an acoustic, because as I figure, If it sounds good on an acoustic it will probably sound good on an electric but not always lol!!!

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Quote by Zeletros
I believe this question is incredibly stupid.

Like it or not, acoustic guitar is a different instrument from electric guitar. Your question would be more valid if you asked about acoustic and classical guitars, because those have something REALLY incommon

not really dude, depending on how you look at it you could say steel string acoustic has more in common with electric than classical

I understand your argument, classical and steel string acoustic are both acoustic instruments, but still, don't be an ass
Don't have a band. I can do it all on on the acoustic. Bass, melody, accopaniment.
I enjoy playing electric, but acoustic is just more for me. Because you hear exactly what you put into the guitar. No effects, just exactly what you created. And I really like that factor of an acoustic guitar. Not only does it sound great, but hearing the pure sound it makes just feels right!
as most people do i started on acoustic when first getting lessons b4 switching to electric,took me a damn long time to get back to acoustic but its the best thing ive ever done,it taught me how to play better and i find that i write more gold on the acoustic,i generaly play acoustic around the house,jam on electric on weekends.
I play an electric acoustic. I get the best of both worlds.

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i love the noise you get off an acoustic! its so much handier brining it outside than bringing an amp, pedals, and the guitar then getting extension leads to run them through, y'know what i mean?
I play both. But I prefer my acoustic.
Acoustic just has a solid feel to it.
That, and I find the sound of an acoustic to be very soothing.
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I like how there's no need to worry about effects or levels, all you need to do is play. It makes music in it's rawest form.

yeah, there's way too much to worry about while playing electric.
I don't, I play it in addition to. I prefer my electric, but the acoustic can convey a whole different emotional side I think. Even thought they're both guitars, they're completely different animals.
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i am not being biased or anything,but acoustic sound better, and the acoustic guitar will never be replaced by the electric guitar. it did the job back then before electric guitars were even thought of, and it still does the job today.
its all i have haha but sometimes i just prefer the sound, its amazing
The songs I like to play tend to sound better on acoustic. Even when I play my semi-hollow electric I rarely plug it in, I just play it like an acoustic.
Acoustic guitars just have that beautiful sound-and im a big country fan-so i fell in love with acustic guitars pretty quick.
It's weird. I started out playing nothing but electric. Wouldnt touch anything other than my Strat. Then I walked into a store with the intention of getting a used Les Paul. Then I saw it- behind this ridiculously hot girl was the love of my life- a beautiful Fender acoustic (say what you will, i love it). I sat down and played "why Georgia" and fell in love, eventually naming the guitar Georgia. then a year later I was about to buy a les Paul again when I was given a beautiful 12 string acoustic. Either God doesn't want me to have a les Paul or I'm supposed to play acoustic. I love acoustic because it's totally different from electric.
I play acoutic more often because I hate "hooking up" all the electronics on electric guitar. I like to play quickly.. Get in... Get out... (sorta like cheating) before someone catches me and gives me shit about my ****ing guitar... My wife claims she's a "Guitar Widow" now... Funny, she thought it was cool when we dated, but now it's just a bitch... "Take the trash out!"
I play both, but acoustic just seems more fun to play and sounds more beautiful, but that could be me getting olde (37 next month). Been thinking for past couple months about trading my electrics and amps for one higher end acoustic. I would but think it would impossible to find someone interested in my specific electrics and amps.
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Play both, but acoustic is just easier to just pick up, play some, put it back.
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anybody play classical guitar? and familiar with spanish and 20th century repertoire?

thats the type of acoustic i play. classical guitar.
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I love the acoustic as it's easy to pick up and start playing without having to plug it in