i can already play "Otherside" but are there any other easy songs by the chili peppers?

thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thanks guys for all the suggestions.
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kay thanks. yaa i already can play part of californication but i never tried under the bridge
try Soul to squeeze, fortune faded, i could have lied and parallel universe, all are fairly simple and awesome
porcelain & desecration smile are the first ones i learned:P but most of their songs arent hard
They have a ton of tough songs on bass. But e does ease up a bit when the other instruments are trying to shine through. paralel universe is actually tough becauase it's pretty fast. and soul to squeeze is all over the place so it migfht be a little tough,
I second Soul to Squeeze and Parallel Universe. Another one you should consider is Universally Speaking, easy song to play and incredibly fun!
Don't Forget Me.
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RHCP has 275 releashed songs

anyway , if u like rhcp i think you can slap.. Californication , dani california , dont forget me ,cant stop , all around the world , i could have lied..

i think these are the few easy ones...

Note: all around the world is better with a pick at intro and it may be bit fast

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Most Chilli songs are pretty simple, just busy. Which is good. Try learning one you think sounds difficult, you'll probably surprise yourself sooner than you think and pick it up.