So, I've been after a work horse guitar as I've been going to jam sessions and stuff at a few less than upper class pubs and didn't really like taking my Gibson, so, that called for an excuse for a new guitar. I either wanted a Telecaster, something with P90's or a hollowbody. I couldn't find anything that I wanted really. I wanted something pretty different from my Les Paul.

Soooooo after some research and stuff, I found this. It's a Fender Telecaster JA90. A Jim Adkins signature (Jimmy Eat World). I do love the band, but that's not really why I bought the guitar.

Here's some pictures...

Family Shot

Ash body with mahogany neck. Two Seymour Duncan Custom P90's It has a nice C shape neck, thin, but comfortable. Dot inlays, rosewood fretboard, tune o matic bridge.

It's a weird guitar. A cross between a Les Paul and a Telecaster, both in looks and sound. It has the Les Paul layout, which I've been using since I started playing and much prefer. Sound wise it sounds closer to a Les Paul than a Tele. It sounds pretty weak compared to my Les Paul, due to the P90's. It still sounds awesome though. Really acoustic. The weight is absolutely perfect. It's just so nice to play standing up. There's some pretty nice flame going on near the headstock.

It is EXACTLY what I was after. Traded in my old acoustic and got this bad boy for £279.
very nice
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Love a bit of Tele porn very modest setup! HNGD!
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Cheers guys!

I forgot to mention, the tone and volume control knobs aren't the originals. The shop gave them to me as I said I didn't like the original ones. I got the guitar in Manson's where Matt Bellamy and John Paul Jones get their guitars made.

And I love the pickguard!
awesome man! HNGD!
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Looks great. HNGD!
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Had a band practise today. Used this guitar properly for the first time. I had just fiddled around on it before. This is a whole lot of guitar for the money. Seriously pleased with it. I played it through an Indie valve amp, not sure of the make, but it's probably about £500 worth of amp. But the P-90's roared when I turned it up. They sounded so good. It was quite like a a Les Paul. If you just heard it, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a Les Paul. I imagined the pickups would be a bit weak and lack-luster because it's a £500 guitar and they're single coils. I was pretty wrong. They sounded really thick and chunky, not as much as a humbucker, but still pretty fat. AND, Billy Bragg complimented my guitar saying he liked it very much

I remember the MIK Teles having serious intonation problems Ippon due the nut being in the wrong place, but they did look absolutely fantastic.

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I haven't read that over at TDPRI. You have a link?

These ones,

I just remember hearing on a few of them the bridge is poorly positioned and makes intonation a bit of a faff.

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