I'm wanting to build an electric guitar of some sort. but I have absolutely no tools (I'm joking I've got a few small ones, but not all of the tools to build everything) So what's the simplest way to build one with a bolt on neck, and only a few small hand tools i.e saws and drills lol Thanks, and I'll probably buy the next, I don't have enough supplies for a neck and body, just enough for a body., and I know absolutely nothing about wiring, so please suggest me the easiest wiring posible for a two humbucker pickup guitar, thanks.
see my sig, and check out my build. this isnt useless advertising for me either, but its exactly what i did!
very few tools, very little money, a whole lotta fun

bought a cheap ebay body, made it my own

total for the guitar i didnt spend more than say... 150?
I'm not talkin about buying a body, I want to build an original designed body, and buy like a strat style neck and then two humbucker pickups, my limit right now is around 200 dollars (u.s.) Which if I make the body from the wood I've got, oak, and then I buy the neck I've found for 40 I'll have 160 dollars left, which will be enough for a pearly gates bridge pickup, not sure what I want in the neck, give me some suggestions for that? I love dirty and clean blues, and some classic rock ac dc kind of sounds. What I'm stuck on it how to build a body when I only have a few tools, I don't think I can even do the routes, I'm not sure though I might have the tools.
oh and also I'd love to have a floyd rose on it (found one for 20) so is there anything special I'd have to do to the body to where it could have one? Please help me I'm in a real pickle here.