First of all, I know they're not really in the same league.. The Roadster has 4 channels, reverb, and is much more versatile. The Fireball is 2 channels, built in gate, sort of a one trick pony.

I've owned my Roadster for 2 years now. I hate to say it, but I'm buying a Fireball (probably today) to replace the Roadster in my rig. It's a tone issue. The Fireball is no hassle, plug and play, sweet tones, and balls to spare. The Roadster on the other hand has given me nothing but problems since I've owned it. It's hard as hell to dial in, there's a multitude of things I've had to have repaired on it, and it stresses me out thinking that it might overheat and crap out on me mid-gig at any time.

However, when it IS working the way it should, it is an amazing amp. That's just not very often it seems like.

I guess I'm not really asking anything, just wanted to post my thoughts here. If anybody has any thoughts they'd like to share, I'm definitely interested in hearing them.
Get ready to be flamed. Some are under the impression that MESAs NEVER break and are gonna call you out on that issue.

In the end, we all have to get what works best for us. Good luck with the ENGL, BOTH are great heads IMNSHO
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If the fireball you are getting is the 60Watt version then i can tell you that is is only 1 channel and it wont have a noise gate built in.
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you are an idiot sir..... lol, jokesssss but get ready for a shit tone of hate from people on here

I have to say though thatMesa have one of the highest quality control rates in the business, they are built like fricking tanks so the fact that yours has had problems is VERY surprising. fair enough if the sound isn't what you're going for, but if you have had times when you like the tone its worth maybe having another go with it.

what kind of settings are you using on it and for what kind of sounds?? maybe you just need to EQ it a little different or maybe try an EQ pedal or something rather than a whole new amp
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I've owned a Dual Rec twice and sold them both times.. I can never get the sound out of them I'm expecting and then when I do I can't get it again. I think the price tag on Mesa amps convince everyone they are the end all of amps. If you like the tone of a Fireball better that's great. I hope you made a few bucks too.
just bear in mind the fireball is going to be a lot less versatile than the roadster
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I wouldn't. I'm huge on versatility. Plug and play amps almost piss me off.

But that's why I'm me and you're you. If it makes you happy,
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I'm huge on versatility. Plug and play amps almost piss me off.
But that's why I'm me and you're you. If it makes you happy,

but why don't you trade with him?
and why you have a plug and play 5150?
or do you play clapton etc?

try to trade with the TS, both happy

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Get the Fireball if it makes you happy; I've played both and owned the Fireball and although limited on its tones, it gives nothing but A+ on the modern brootalz. However, the Mesa (in my opinion) is very close on the modern tone and certainly way more versatile.

Now that I have my Blackmore (which although 4 channels, they remain easy to dial), I'm kinda hating the extreme extensive EQ dialing (Had a .50+ Caliber) while these 2 Engl stay more of a plug and play amplifier. This is a biased perspective but with no idea on diminishing the excellent amplifier that is the Boogie Roadster (before I get flamed >.>.
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The Fireball is a cool amp I thought. If you don't need the versatility then there is nothing wrong with a strait forward Fireball. Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble with your Roadster. It happens

I will own a Roadster/Road King some day.

No VS. threads
Haha. I'm glad nobody has flamed yet! I actually just got home from jamming my new Fireball 100 at my band room. The brutal tone is what I need for the direction my band is going, and although the MESA is definitely way more versatile, it just can't compete with the easy dial in and stress free use of the Fireball.

A quick tone review: This Fireball is super crisp and clear, punchy as hell, with great response. If you play heavy music, I don't think you can beat the tone on this thing for the price tag.

In retrospect, my ROADSTER used to be EPIC like that. I'm pretty sure there's just something wrong with it, maybe in the preamp phase. There's just this weird noise in the voice all the time, making the sound unclear. I got a new Carbon Copy delay pedal a couple months ago, and it just sounds like crap with the Roadster. The sound is so muffled that you can't hear the repeats cleanly. I think there may be a bad ground somewhere.. I've just had it in the shop so many times, I'm tired of dragging it back in! The Carbon Copy sounds sexy like it should, on the new Fireball..

I still have the Roadster as well, maybe one of these days I'll take it to get it looked at again. It didn't always sound so crappy. OH and before anybody asks, I HAVE changed the tubes several times in the 2 years I've owned it.

Final thought: Peace of mind is priceless!
I've never had the chance to play an Engl because we really don't get them over here. How would the Fireball compare to the 5150/6505? I think I've heard that they're kind of similar.
Spin 'round carousel when your horse isn't screwed in.

My band:
Fractured Instinct
(For fans of Death/Groove/Prog Metal)

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I'll give you a good deal on it, if you want it! hehe

Regarding the 5150, I've never played one personally. I thought they had great high gain from hearing other musician's rock on them.. but man, check out Jeff Loomis wrecking it with a Fireball in this video. You may fall in love. It punches you right in the nuts. haha

They may not have much range, but nothing sounds like an ENGL. If that's what tickles your fancy then you're going to have a lot of fun.
One word: Stereo.

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One word: Stereo.

I don't follow.. You think some bi-amping is in order? haha
I’ve never experienced problems with Mesa equipment, but there are always going to be examples of something slipping through the web of the tightest of quality controls. Just because they have a reputation of “never going down” doesn’t mean that the occasional one wouldn’t have a few issues. Quite often the problems can be related and one thing can lea to another over the course of a few months/years. Unfortunate, but it happens.
I haven’t played a Fireball but have heard plenty of good things. Enjoy it.
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