So in lieu of discovering the Vox AC30, I want to trade my Genz Benz in. I know these threads are somewhat subjective, but I decided I need help as I don't want to gouge anyone nor let my amp go for nothing. To the chase: Genz Benz El Diablo 30/60 watt tube. 1x12. Retail new: around $1850-1900. It's a year old and never gigged. Everything works. So what should I expect from selling privately?
Always remember wherever you sell anything be prepared to take a loss, i would expect between $1000-1400 depending on condition, A1, A2 look around that price, but i bought an Epiphone LP for $300, NEVER used it, A1++++++ condition, with a Gibson hard shell case, and as store offered me $60. for both items. So i sold it all on ebay for $180. so less than half of what i payed, so be prepared for some offers of around a $1000. Hope this helps.
Thanks! I knew not to expect $1,750 or anything. I currently have it listed at $1,350 obo, so I was just trying to determine if that was a fair price.
Almost NO ONE pays "retail" for anything music related.
Check e-bay for your same amp. be sure to check completed auctions to see what they really go for.
I would guess your much more likely to be in the $700-$800 range.
You can get the 100w head for under $1k
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