Okay I've got three items for sale! Cleaning out the music studio and I hate to part ways with the two guitars but have to make room for more.

First item for sale is a LTD. Gibson Gothic Explorer. It comes with the original hardshell case and is in great condition. It has a few dings on the body but not missing any paint and the dings are hardly noticeable. I'm asking $750 + shipping on that but I'm open to reasonable offers.

Second item is a Jackson RR5 which is Ivory in color. It comes with a hardshell case which I purchased separately from the guitar. It does have some cosmetic problems. Both points of the "V" have paint missing. One you can't really see but the point closest to the control knobs is the most noticeable. I also had a strap lock system installed.... While doing that both screws provided with the kit stripped off on the top strap lock. The screw holding it in now has held tight for the past year and half however. It plays great and sounds great just has a few little cosmetic problems. I'm asking $650 + shipping on that but I'm also open to reasonable offers on this item as well.

Finally I have a Randall RX120R head for sale. It's solid state and was played for maybe 4 months before I got a new head. It's just sat in my house since then. It's pretty loud and comes with the footswitch. I'm asking $150 + shipping on that.

The ONLY trades I am open to are a 4x12 Avatar cab loaded with V30's (Depending on tolex color) and either a ESP EC-401 or an ESP EC-1000.

To view images of all the items please follow this link: Gear For Sale
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Shipped price on the head to 52601.

Shipped price would be $175.00
I'm open to offers on both guitars.... I'd take as low as $550 for the Jackson with the case and $700 for the Gibson with the case. I'd do a package deal with both guitars and cases for $1100 + shipping.
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dang.....i wish you were open to other guitars or amps

Yeah sorry man... Not really looking for an amp or other guitars really.
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Does the head play all metal really good or just some?

You would have to run a pedal threw it such as a Metal Master or something similar to get a good metal tone out of it. The distortion channel on the amp itself doesn't really cut it for metal. I used a metal master while I had it and could get some really good metal tones out of it with that.
Well I have a digi text death metal pedal, so it should add to the head for over drive. I'll get back to you soon.