Hey everyone,

So I'm a solo musician currently and I'm searching for some type of pedal that matches my notes and does backing/harmonizing. I sound completely fine alone but I just think it would add more to stuff like choruses and make it feel more lively. I know TC-Helicon has a bunch of products but I really am not sure which are good. Any suggestions are good thanks

I play an acoustic-electric guitar and sing. I need the backing/harmonizing for VOCALS.

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What you really need is a new amp.
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Digitech makes one, don't they? I think their Vocalist processor has one. It'll harmonize based on what chords you play and stuff.
Could use one of those MIDI pads.. not sure of the actual name. You set pre-recorded sounds (in your case harmonies) and trigger them when you need to
Boss ME-70 does that. Choose the key, the interval, and the volume you want the harmony at, and it auto-harmonizes for you. It also does tons of other cool shit.
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Try an octave divider. However, it won't follow the scale you are using, only a specific interval above you.
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