Hey, i am wondering if you guys can point me in the direction of any classical songs that have been remixed into dance/electro/house/dubstep etc.

I know what i'm seeking is an atrocity to classical music, even i think so, but im really intrigued to see if anyone pulls it off well.

Don't mind the original artist (Debussy, Mozart, Bach, Beet. or anyone else in the realms of obvious)

Your input is greatly appreciated

EDIT: The closest i can come is Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 2' though i wouldn't consider 'Ecstasy of Gold' to be classical, necessarily.
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The closest I can come to that is Infected Mushroom remixing The Doors.
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I have some blues remixes of Bach that are pretty awesome.
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I have some blues remixes of Bach that are pretty awesome.

Such as?
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Inb4 someone bitching about saying 'song' instead of 'piece'

And just type in "*famous piece* dubstep" on YouTube, and there'll probably be something.

Listen to ELO's cover of 'Roll Over Beethoven' which uses Beethoven's 5th nicely. Or of course there's the Clockwork Orange theme, which is the 'Funeral March of Queen Mary II' by Purcell. Also, try out some Isao Tomita, especially his versions of 'Clair De Lune' and 'The Planets Suite'
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These guys pull off a techno/classical mix that's quite nice actually if that's anything like what you're looking for.

It's not too over done and still flows pretty well keeping the classical as the basis and not throwing too much electronic stuff into the mix.
J-pop Beethoven lololol

Lacrymosa by Evanescence is sampled from Mozarts Requiem.
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Tiesto remixed butchered Barber's Adagio for Strings.

I wouldn't recommend listening to it.

TS, you should listen to electronic classical music instead. Although it's very bleep-bloopy. I've heard it affectionately referred to as "bug music."
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