I recently bought a vintage(70's) Madeira lp special copy. The guitar is mij, all mahogany, 2 p90's, badass bridge, slippery straight neck and incredibly well set up. Its a frickin' beast! Madeira was made by Guild but beyond that I know nothing about Madeira. Anyone ever heard/used one of these sweet guitars? I tried looking up the serial# online but found nothing
LOL. I had a Madeira B-10 5-string banjo that I sold on CL a few months ago. It was almost impossible to find anything about that banjo online.
Ya, I've found a lil bout the acoustics but apparently the electrics don't exist. This is also the third different site forum I've posted looking for any info on Madeira with no results. I'm hoping eventually someone who knows about them will stumble across one of the threads. Its a foxxy guitar and a player, very similar to the Gibsons though I'm not sure if the gibsons had a badass bridge and I'd doubt the necks were bolt on. I'm thrilled with my Madeira though, a true gem!
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They were guild's cheaper brand, in much the same way as Epihone is to Gibson. Made in the 70s and early 80s, initially in Japan but later in Korea. Very good guitars, built overseas but mostly used the same wood that the Guild factory was using in the USA.
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