I have a valveking 212 and wanting to get a 212 cab for it. It is 100w...

so will the 100w go to four speakers 25w each? like 4 30w celestions work?

or do both sets need be over 100?

im guessing first choice, just don't wanna f anything up
yes, essentially all 4 speakers will share the load evenly.

if you have 30w celestions then 4 x 30 = 120. you will have a 120w cab.

the head is 100w and the cab is 120w. perfect, just try to avoid going lower than your head (you can but lets just play it safe here)

now, celestion vintage 30s are actually 60 watts (70 in some cases) so 4 x 60 = 240 watts FYI
^Are you sure 311?

Most combo's internal speakers shut off when they're connected to an extension cab and have to be modded to not do so. I'm pretty sure the 5150 combo I had did this, so I would assume the VK does as well - So if you're plugging into a 2x12 cab, the sound will only come out of the 2x12 cab, not the combo speakers. Definitely something I'd check into before getting a cab that's rated too low for your amp.
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cool gotcha, thanks...and matrix ^ the 212vking will run both at once this i know for sure
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