Hey folks,

I've been a long time lurker, eating up all the original stuff I could find here, dying to give it ago myself. So two or so months ago, I got my shit together, bought what I needed and dived in head first.

So far I've only really shown friends and the like, but now I'd really like some further critiques and suggestions on how to improve.

I'm originally a drummer (for six/seven years) and only picked up guitar in the last two or three, so I'm certainly no pro. At heart I'm a rhythm guitarist (probably from the drumming background) so don't expect any solos, or anything really stella, but I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished so far and I'd love to learn as much as I can.

Another thing, vocals are missing from all my songs, which is a shame because I don't really write instrumental music and it's all based around having vocals in. I'd record some... But bashing a mic against a wall would sound better.

Oh, and one side note. Unfortunately, only half of the songs are recorded using double tracked guitar (I plain just forgot), giving that awesome wall of sound. The other half are using a centered single guitar. They sound fine, but just not as good.

So, anyway. Here's some links to my stuff:

All my songs so far

And for a selection:

Heavy in Drop B

One that's quite special to me

A (mostly) quiet "acoustic" type one

Heavy in D Standard

One of the first ones I've written

Recorded using a POD X3, Reaper, EzDrummer+ Drumkit From Hell and an Ibanez ART 320, pitchshifted for bass.

Cheers for any feedback, and C4C of course.